Trailing plant stained glass window hanging

Custom-made green trailing plant, stained glass suncatcher

Suncatcher Collection

$208.00 USD
How it's made

MATERIALS: stained glass, copper foil

This stained glass hanging features 26 different pieces of stained glass in varying shades of green, red, yellow and clear glass.
It is completely handmade by me, using the traditional stained glass copper foil method.
I start with choosing the mix of textured and colored glass.
I hand cut each piece.
I then grind and perfect them so they fit perfectly to each other.
Once I’m happy with the fit, I wrap each individual piece in copper foil.
These foiled pieces are then soldered together.
The lead solder is treated with black patina to give the traditional stained glass look.
Waxing gives the final polish and shine.

About this work

As with all my work, I personally designed this piece - one of a series of 4 plant pot hangings, each quite different. It’s unique.
There will only ever be a small number of them made - so it’s a limited edition, and will come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Care of your glass

The hanging has 2 rings at the top, and will come with a thin chain to hang it.
I recommend that you hang your piece securely from a sturdy hook, and don’t use a suction cup hanger. These fail too often :(
The piece has been cleaned, waxed and polished. Don’t get it wet, and don’t use cleaning chemicals or windows cleaners which may damage the solder or patina.
Just a soft dry cloth for dusting will be perfect.

The finished work

The variety of textures in the glass allow the light to reflect in different ways - beautiful!

Comments from Instagram views of this Suncatcher collection

"Very cool! They look beautiful!"

"So amazing and intricate 💕 love how it catches the sun"

"Yes! These are fabulous"

"It's beautiful. Worth all the hard work 😮"

Certificate of Authenticity

Handmade in the UK in my Glass Studio in West Lancashire, my art glass comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - signed by me, Linda Rossiter, so you can be sure that your piece is an original work